Nuclear Theory Group

Our main interest can be summarize to:

Nonequilibrium processes in strongly interacting Fermi systems ranging from atomic nuclei via neutron stars up to quantum gases

This can be divided into 5 groups of topics

Physics of cold atomic gases

superfluidity, thermodynamics, exotic phases, Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC), physics of BEC-BCS crossover, dynamics of superfluid vortices, viscosity, quantum turbulence.

Physics of atomic nuclei

structure of atomic nuclei at extreme conditions: high angular momenta, exotic deformations, large mass numbers, large neutron to proton ratio. 

Nuclear dynamics

fission & fusion, induced fission, low energy reactions.

Neutron stars

structure and stability issues, superfluid properties.

Concerning general theoretical issues related to quantum many body systems:

  • Path Integral Monte Carlo approach to strongly correlated Fermi systems
  • Density Functional Theory (static and time-dependent)
  • Non-linear dynamics,  chaotic motion, semiclassical methods,
  • Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics (transport theory)