Nuclear theory group invites computer scientists (both on Ph.D. and postdoctoral level), who would like to get involved in the project directed towards the description of equilibrium and non equilibrium processes in strongly correlated quantum systems: atomic nuclei and quantum gases. The important part of the project consists of the software development being used on leadership class computers. 

The existing codes created by our group, are based on the density functional theory (DFT) and quantum Monte Carlo methods (QMC). Those codes based on DFT are capable of solving millions of coupled non-linear, time-dependent partial differential equations with high accuracy, allowing for studies of a real-time 3D superfluid dynamics without any symmetry restrictions, which makes them the most advanced simulation capability of its kind in the world, suitable to describe processes of nuclear fission/fusion or quantum turbulence. We are currently in the process of testing our codes on hybrid architectures involving GPUs. We have access to supercomputers of both CPU and hybrid architectures and possess a cluster which is currently being installed, consisting of 36 newest Nvidia GPUs. We offer a unique possibility for a prospective computer scientist to deal with a variety of computational problems ranging from numerical issues, through visualization of the results to problems strictly related to adaptation of the codes to a given computer architecture. The results of our research are published in the most prestigious scientific journals including Science and Physical Review Letters. 

Interested persons should contact Gabriel Wlazłowski, Faculty of Physics: 226b,