Hardware on Dwarf is distributed over 8 inhomogenous computing nodes. All the most important parts of the systems are listed on the below graphics.

The system has in total 208 CPU cores, 416 logical CPU and 42 GPU cards. 

The power backup is done by 4UPSs of 3.5kVA each.

Disc storage array with ca is divided into two parts:

  • 40 TB with RAID5 on HP DL380 on /home directory
  • 129TB with RAID5 on HPE DL380 G10 on /home2 directory

The internet connection is managed by 10G ethernet switch, 24-port HP 5820AP-24XG.
Internal communication between the nodes is managed by HP SL270s and storage with links of 10Gbps aggregated to 20Gpbs.