Connecting to Dwarf

To start making calculations You need to connect to the Dwarf system.

There are multiply ways to connect with Dwarf. In this tutorial we will show 2 ways, depending if You use Linux or Windows. 

  • SSH 
  • PuTTy


SSH is a command used in terminal in UNIX/Linux system that allows to secure connection with another machine.


<USERNAME> is Your account name on server. Executing this command allows You connect with Dwarf and bring to Your main directory in server (/home/<USERNAME>).

Here You can executing all Linux commands, creating files and make calculations. 

To end connection with Dwarf You need to execute logout command.

It is possible to connect with Dwarf without typing password.

First You need to create key pair (private and public key) using ssh-keygen command. Created keys are stored in /home/username/.ssh directory on Your local machine. Next You need to copy and install your key on the server using ssh-copy-id command.

  ssh-copy-id <USERNAME>

Now You can connect with Dwarf using ssh command without typing password.


PuTTy is open-source terminal emulator originally created for the Windows platform. The following picture presents how to connect with Dwarf using PuTTy software.

Connecting to Dwarf
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