Professor Piotr Magierski

+48 22 234 5439
Physics Building 226B


  • Tuesdays 14 - 15
  • Thursdays 15- 16


  • Fizyka Jądra Atomowego i Cząstek Elementarnych
    [Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics]
  • Fizyka Kwantowa
    [Quantum Physics]
  • Mechanika Kwantowa
    [Quantum Mechanics]
  • Elementy Fizyki Jądrowej
    [Elements of Nuclear Physics]


Physics of cold atomic gases: superfluidity, thermodynamics, exotic phases, Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC), physics of BEC-BCS crossover, dynamics of
superfluid vortices, viscosity.
Physics of atomic nuclei: structure of atomic nuclei at extreme conditions: high angular momenta, exotic deformations, large mass numbers, large neutron to proton ratio.
Nuclear dynamics: fission & fusion, induced fission, low energy reactions.
Neutron stars: structure and stability issues, superfluid properties


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