Elementy Fizyki Jądrowej - Elements of Nuclear Physics

Class lecturer: Professor Piotr Magierski

Aim to: Undergraduate

Period: Lato - Summer

Syllabus: USOS

During the course student gets acquainted with properties of atomic nuclei and nuclear interactions. After completing the course student is able to estimate binding energy of a given nucleus, determine some properties of its ground state and low-energy excitations, as well as determine possible decay channels. He/she possess an understanding of physical processes taking place in nuclear reactors and stars.

  1. Structure of matter, elementary particles. Fundamental interactions. Typical length and energy scales related to atoms and nuclei.
  2. Structure of atomic nucleus. Sizes and masses. Nuclear chart. Range of stability of atomic nuclei.
  3. Binding energy of a nucleus. Separation energies. Valley of stability. Decay channels. Magic numbers.
  4. Excitation modes od atomic nuclei. Total and differential cross section.
  5. Properties of nuclear interaction. Deuteron properties.
  6. Nuclear models: liquid drop model, independent particle model (shell model), collective models.
  7. Accelerators, detectors, interaction of particles with medium.
  8. Radioactivity. Law of radioactive decay. Nuclear transmutation. Decay chains.
  9. Decay channels: alpha, beta, gamma, fission.
  10. Nuclear reactions. Models of nuclear reactions.
  11. Spontaneous and induced fission. Chain reaction.
  12. Neutron physics. Interaction of neutrons with matter.
  13. Thermonuclear synthesis. Synthesis of light elements in stars, supernova explosion, r-process.
  14. Thermonuclear synthesis on Earth: methods and problems.
  15. Challenges for contemporary nuclear physics. Recent experiments.


  1. J.-L. Basdevant, J. Rich, M. Spiro, Fundamentals in Nuclear Physics. From Nuclear Structure to Cosmology, Springer
  2. E. Skrzypczak, Z. Szeflinski, "Wstęp do fizyki jądra atomowego i cząstek elementarnych", PWN
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  4. K. Muchin, "Doświadczalna fizyka jądrowa", WNT

Notes for a lecture:

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Elementy Fizyki Jądrowej - Elements of Nuclear Physics
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