Mechanika Kwantowa - Quantum Mechanics

Class lecturer: Professor Piotr Magierski

Aim to: Graduate

Period: Zima - Winter

Syllabus: USOS

The extension of the student's knowledge concerning advanced quantum mechanics: perturbation theory, scattering of quantum particles, relativistic effects and relations between quantum mechanics and classical physics

  1. Perturbation theory. Time dependent perturbation theory. Fermi golden rule.
  2. Pure and mixed states. Density matrix.
  3. Quantum scattering theory, cross section, scattering amplitude. Born approximation.
  4. Scattering at low energies. Resonance scattering.
  5. Relation between classical and quantum physics: path integral formulation of quantum mechanics.
  6. Semiclassical approximation of quantum mechanics, WKB method and its applications.
  7. Relativistic quantum mechanics. Klein-Gordon equation.
  8. Dirac equation.
  9. Nonrelativistic approximation for an electron in electromagnetic field, Pauli equation.


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Notes for a lecture:


Mechanika Kwantowa - Quantum Mechanics
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