Semiconductors at the Physics Department of the Warsaw University of Technology has been established in 1972. Its been nearly 50 years of true history. 

Nowadays the division consists of two dynamically developing groups. In 2019 Nuclear Physics was named as leading fields in WUT. In the parametric assessment of scientific units, conducted by the Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units in 2019, the Faculty of Physis  obtained the A + category, which confirms the high level of scientific activity.

Nuclear Theory Group

Heavy Ion Reaction Group

Applied Nuclear Science Group

Study of collective excitations in fermion systems (metallic clusters, quantum dots, cooled atomic systems). Analysis of the structure and collective excitations of atomic nuclei. Investigation of the properties of nuclear matter in neutron stars. Research on the temporal-spatial development of heavy ion reactions by analyzing the correlation of hadrons emitted at close speeds, studying the production of strange particles, computer modeling of relativistic collisions of nuclei using Monte-Carlo methods. The laboratory is a place where we run projects related to the broadly understood
application of nuclear methods and techniques in medicine, industry and energy.